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UiiSii debuts at Hongkong 2017 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Show

UiiSii won the Best of Show Award

From October 11 to October 14, 2017, Dongguan UiiSii Electronics Co., Ltd., together with its full range of products including HiFi headset and Bluetooth Sports Headset under UiiSii brand, participated in Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Show (Autumn). Since its debut in 2015, UiiSii has been associated with the Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Show for three consecutive years, and different results are achieved each time.

As the largest exhibition event in the industry, Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Show brings together the latest and most comprehensive information related to technology products in the electronics industry and is highly valued by consumers in more than 150 countries and regions. As it’s known to all, foreign customers set extremely stringent requirements on the quality of electronic products, and are very hypercritical of the appearance of electronic products. With its complete product range, exquisite product modeling, high sound quality and good service attitude, Uiisii has attracted many foreign customers to experience the headset and negotiate business, and has been unanimously recognized, which demonstrates UiSii's strength and prestige.

When you enter the UiiSii booth, you will feel its innovation and open heart. The black-based industrial booth design, stunning lighting effects, and 36 square meters of large booth all demonstrate UiSii's deep brand connotation.

UiiSii is well deserved to be the winner of the Best of Show Award at the show.

At this show, UiiSii brought a huge amount of patented products, and exposed the information about new sports Bluetooth headsets including BT-CM5, BT-260 and BT-710, in addition to the known HiFi headsets, such as BA-T9, BA-T8, BA-T7, and CM5.

Use UiiSii for good sound quality. UiiSii is committed to creating cost-effective headset products, which does not only satisfy the audio requirement, but incorporate good design and enjoyable experiences into the product. At the same time, UiiSii actively promotes the globalisation of its business, and makes unremitting endeavor to provide the world's music lovers with the "Sound of nature".