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      About us

      UiiSii is a leading audio brand founded in 2013. Through its family of premium headphones and earphones, UiiSii has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. As MFI manufacturers, We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry to the discovery of new concepts and products. We create experiences for our customers that are enlightening, unique and delightful.

      Our Story

      WHO WE ARE

      We are a professional headphone manufacturer company based in Shenzhen,China. Inspired to transform the way people across the world interacted with audio, we set out to create innovative& exceptional products at accessible prices, giving millions of users the opportunity to express themselves through our headphones.


      Our mission is to create the best quality sound for every music lover because every lover has a story. To feel it in your uiisii audio means listening to your heart and connecting to the ultimate listening experience in the three core elements which you will find in all uiisii products: Power, Clarity, and Comfort.


      Much more important than anything else, we make uiisii for you. In a world in which we are constantly being inundated with useless information, advertisement and products, we aim at keeping things simple. We commitment to adapt to the changing needs that technology requires us to meet in the most seamless way possible.











      Born for a vision

      Our team is accustomed to pushing the envelope in making the best audio products for every music lover at affordable prices. We represent a vision for innovative superior features-driven designs with state-of-the-art acoustics.

      Apple Inc.Authorization

      As Apple Inc. acquired manufacturers, We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry to the discovery of new concepts and products. We create experiences for our customers that are enlightening, unique and delightful.

      Staying True to Our Roots

      WE DON'T FOLLOW TRENDS or let them influence the audio quality or design of our products. We develop our own aesthetic language thus creating a timeless design. The style must always be a by-product of high functionality and ergonomics.

      Our partner make us possible

      Trainer image

      Uiisii CM5 earbuds reviews

      Tech Boss

      UiiSii BT-CM5 sports wireless headphones use the popular element of the starry sky, adding a lot of fashion sense. 

      Trainer image

      Uiisii TWS60 earbuds reviews


      Without wires to get tangled and a compact charging case to top up your battery wherever you go, Uiisii tws60 is the key to a world of pure musical freedom.

      Trainer image

      Uiisii BN90 reviews


      Having FOUR drivers is equivalent to having FOUR speakers in each ear exclusively dedicated to silky highs, detailed mids, and deep bass. 

      Trainer image

      UiiSii T8s - review


      UiiSii T8S Hi-Res Audio ears have two separate High-Quality Dynamic drivers of 6mm large and dedicated Balanced Armature drivers.

      Wholesale Partner
      Customer Reviews

      Let customers speak for us

      799 reviews
      Wonderful headphones

      I finally got my order. Delivery is very fast. The goods are satisfied. The seller is well done, respect!!! My friend bought one, I think the sound quality is very good, the price is still very cheap, I decisively followed him to buy one. This is a hanging ear type, fitness running is very suitable! !

      Not bad.

      For the price, they are a great pair of headphones. They sound good and the bass is decent. I loved the case, it’s well made. The reason why I’m giving them 5 stars it’s because they are extremely comfortable. I have small ears so I need comfy earbuds. This pair fits perfectly and when I’m working out I don’t have to worry about if I’m going to lose them! I love the ear clip it gives me a feeling of security.

      Earbuds just OK

      Cool headphones, good sound in general, good bass. In the ear sit well, but with unaccustomed slightly rubbing. If you smile widely to the ears, then fall out: dEach earpiece is defined as a separate device if you use one at a time.

      best costumer service ever!

      As soon as I received it, I immediately put it to the test under following situations:

      - Yoga, where my head was upside down and sideways a lot, with lots of arm movement and up-and-down poses
      - Jogging, where there was a lot of bouncing and noise from the treadmill
      - HIIT, where there was a variety of upper body and lower body movement
      - Hour-long public transit commute with my eye glasses on

      Here’s what I learned:

      Overall, it worked great and stayed on without any adjustments. Though the cord flopped around a little bit, I didn’t find it uncomfortable. During my run, I did notice that I could hear the vibration/noise of the cord rubbing up against something. It eventually became white noise, though.

      I probably need to use a smaller earbud because after about 45 minutes, it started to bug my ear. The hook that goes over the ear was pretty comfortable, even with my glasses.


      I've had these about a month. So far I am pleased. They meet my needs for a day on a single charge for off and on listening during my commute and during work breaks. The sound quality is good, and the range is adequate to my needs. Bluetooth connectivity has not been an issue. They work as intended.

      Hi, VANCE

      Thank you so much for your support.

      We are very happy that you are satisfied with our products and your satisfaction is of great significance to us.

      We always do our best to provide good quality products to our customers and stand behind our product and responsible for them.

      Best Regards