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      Charging on the go

      Independent use one earbud while charge the other one. In this way, it can reach an up to 6 hours no-stop calling time a day.

      Immersive listening experience

      Bluetooth®5 + Stereo Audio DAC+Smart Dynamic Gain

      Keep distance

      Up to 40ft(12M) steady wireless range

      Toothbrush product

      Touching control

      Lots of options for example from answering calls to waking up Siri or Google can be done easily by tapping the earbuds.

      Dancing in the rain

      plasma sprayed nanostructured ceramic coating-IPX5 Water-resistance

      Ergonomic fit for everyone

      We tested thousands of ears! No matter how hard you shake, it just won't fall out.

      Thumbnail video

      The sound you can see.

      The sound audio engineers of UiiSii never hide that they are talented. The beautiful timbre comes from 13mm Speaker in UiiSii SongBirds Semi In-Ear makes you almost forget that you are experiencing a pair of budget wireless earbuds.

      Immersive sound.

      • 3D surround sound
      • Build-in DAC for beautiful timbre
      • Micro AMP module for HD Audios
      • Acoustic Wave Guide Damper
      product image
      product image

      Tap them up.


      • Answer or reject calls
      • Hang up
      • Select previous or next Track
      • Volume up or down
      • Wake up smart assistants Siri or Google

      Follow the rhythm,let’s shake!

      Stable & Comfortable Fit

      • Lighter then a cent.
      • Classic bird's beak shape, Half In-Ear Wireless Headphones.
      product image
      product image

      Non-Stop Calling.

      Using While Charging

      • Up to 6 hrs for calling under Mono mode
      • A must-have for calling while driving

      Charging on the go.

      8 Minutes Fast Charging

      • Long-lasting case support 4 times of charge.
      • Around 1 hrs of listening time on only 8 minutes of charging.
      product image

      UiiSii TWS21 SongBirds

      The Best budegt bluetooth 5.0 earbuds for amazing sound

      3D ambient surround sound

      The home theater sits in your ears

      Say”Hi” to your Siri, Say”OK”to your Google. 

      Wake up smart assistants by tapping

      *May vary dependent on usage, device & aging.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Manjumur Islam

      It’s good but I have a problem with this. I can’t connect both earphone. If left ear side is connecting right side is not. How can I fix it?

      Cant connect both earphones

      Sound and design are good but i cant connect both earphones together

      mouad mrah

      TWS21 SongBirds Airbuds

      Jeremy C
      Great BUDS for mini $

      I bought this mainly for phone calls and listening to u toob and watsap media while out and about. Also I prefer this model because I do not like buds sticking into my ear canal while working.
      For the mini$, and to compare apple with apple it surpasses apple's sound quality. Of course there are pears and oranges out there but this TWS21 knocks them out of two football fields into the jungle. The model should be TWS21-L(eg to kick).
      Soundstage is large complementing its size and price. Sound timbre is great. Piano, the most difficult to reproduce, sounds like a piano. Does not sound tinee like the price. EQ could do will a little reduction in mid, increase both in low (for kick and bass presence) and highs for cymbal clearness and clarity.
      Just to proof a point, I downloaded an EQ app for some fine adjustment. I do not like EQ apps because it reduces the dynamics of the original signal. With EQ, this little TWS21 ZOUNDS Great. Just for a test, 60hz was up +3db and the kick came alive. 250@+2db, Bass guitar was present. 10k@+2db cymbals were shiny and crystal shimmering. This is just to proof that this buds could be EQ'ed. However I do not intend to use the EQ app due to it reducing the source dynamics. I can live with the factory eq for now.
      I reckon Uiisii could develop a flat sound with a user adjustable EQ model.
      Due to small size, operating as Stereo, only way to listen to music, will run it down very quickly. Looking at the battery indicator on the phone, seems like slightly less than 1% / min consumption.
      I don't use this for exercise, so cannot comment on it but normal walking, socialising head movement and eating would not dislodge the buds.
      The case is super smooth. I have drop it a few time while picking it up. Trying one-handed opening without paying attention while shoot the case into the air. Could do with rubber grip.
      The negatives outgun the positives for TWS21 for its price.

      Worth every penny

      Accurate description. They fit perfectly in ears sound is excellent. Would purchase again highly recommend.