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      Hi-Res(High resolution audio) certified by SONY with high standard of JAS and CEA. Frequency range up to 40k Hz compared to 20kHz of common ones. With Industry-leading technology for well-balanced sound, UiiSii DT800 restores the original sound details to a most extent.


      Multifunctional key and volume control ensure a easy operation(Play/Pause, Previous/Next song, Adjust volume), no need to take out your device in crowded environment. The cable adopts high quality TPE material , you can enjoy all day use, for years to come.


      Compared with common single-driver earphones, DT800 is impressively designed with quad drivers (2 balance armature drivers + 2 dynamic drivers for each side). By paying attention to the smallest details, you can distinguish every nuance and subtle characteristics, in astonishingly faithful sound reproduction.


      Advanced in-line control with high sensitive MEMS microphone whose performance is equivalent to that of recording studio, thus clear phone call and music listening could be ensured even in places with loud wind or ambient noise.


      Advanced in-line control with high sensitive MEMS microphone whose performance is equivalent to that of recording studio, thus clear phone call and music listening could be ensured even in places with loud wind or ambient noise.


      With a precise sonic delivery and stable fit, you can fully express yourself with critical accuracy. Lightweight and ergonomic, perfectly fit your ear and not easy to fall off. Customizable accessories with large, medium and small size of gel earplugs.


      With three different colors for three different style, the DT800 headphones enrich your musical expression.


      Support all the common devices with 3.5mm interface, like Laptop, Phone, MP3, Tablet, etc.


      Support all the common devices with 3.5mm interface, like Laptop, Phone, MP3, Tablet, etc.


       DT800 Video:


      1 x Pair of Headphone
      1 x User Guide
      1 x Carrying Case
      6 x Pair of Different Size Extra Earplugs


      Product Details

      • Speaker size: 6mm
      • Frequency response: 20-40KHz
      • Sensitivity: 108±3dB
      • Impedance: 16 Ω
      • Cable length: 120CM/3.93Ft
      • Metal Plug Pin:3.5mm
      • Compatible with: Computer, iPhone, iPod, Mobile phone, MP3, PC, 


      Hi-Res Certificate              Manual

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      Shipping & Return Policy

      Shipping Plolicy:

      What Shipping Methods Do You Provide?

      Our shipping team's sole goal is to get your orders processed and despatched to you in the shortest amount of time.  We provide two shipping methods for you: Standard shipping and Fast Priority shipping.


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          How long does it take to receive my order?


          North America(USA,Canada, Mexico)

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          Other regions

          10 – 30 days or more.


          North America(USA,Canada)

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          Australia & New Zealand

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          Asia 3  5 days


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          Returns Policy:

          For products purchased directly on www.uiisii.com, we offer a 30-day return guarantee to ensure your happiness. The 30 day period begins upon the purchase date of your order. Please Click Here go to our help center submit return request and reason.

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          Items bought from authorized retailers cannot be returned to us.

          Warranty Policy

          Uiisii One Year Limited Warranty

          Uiisii electronic.,co Ltd (“Company”) hereby warrants that, under normal use, this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year starting with the original retail purchase date. The replacement warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase issued to the purchaser, specifying the date of purchase, is presented with the product to be replaced.

          What will be done in the event of a warranty claim?

          Uiisii does not honor any warranty claims that are not accompanied by the original documentation. To get the product repaired or replaced under this limited warranty, you must first contact us and include the following: Click here go to uiisii help center and submit a valid claim request under the Warranty, including:

          A short description of the defect/malfunction
          The proof of purchase (your order number or order screenshot.)
          Your name, address, e-mail, and phone number

          Once your warranty claim is reviewed by uiisii we depending on the individual circumstances, provide Warranty service through one or more of the following options:
          (a) repair your product using new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability.
          (b) replace your product with a product that is at least functionally equivalent to the product and is formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability.
          (c) refund your purchase price in exchange for the return of your Product.

          The Uiisii Warranty does not cover:

          This warranty is not covering all the Accessories, Spare Parts, Replacement Parts items. They are wear and tear items, and damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or aging.

          Didn't Purchase directly from uiisii official store(www.uiisii.com) but other third-party sellers.

          Defects and damages due to dropping, mechanical damage, dirt, cerumen, damp, moisture, chemical products, abnormal impact damage, loss, theft, fire or force majeure.

          Esthetical changes, defects, and damages due to normal wear and tear, or aging.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 19 reviews
          i recommend!

          I like the tuning of Uiisii. I bought the DT200s. Since the tooth sound is like a steel tooth, I will give it away. The DT800 is much more natural than the DT200s, and the tri-band connection is more natural. The low frequency is heavy, but the dive is still not deep. The intermediate frequency is naturally smooth. High frequency is an advantage, the resolution of the instrument is quite good, and many kinds of music that can't hear the sand hammer becomes more vivid. The included slow-recovery memory cotton cover can better close the ear canal for better low frequencies.

          Okay, it's not very often than I am impressed by earbuds however, these DT80s Quads are amazing!!!

          Before I gave these DT-800 Quads a try, I tried some TBI Pro i6 3 driver earbuds; I sent them back the same day because my cheap $15 and $30 SONY earbuds blew the TBI Pros away—this just simply should not be! Then, my DT-800s came in and I really liked the sound of them right away! It took a little bit to get used to the Dual Balanced Armature Drivers (1st time listening to these kind of drivers) but after listening to them for a while there was all kinds of upper frequency detail and separation between instruments that I've never heard before in the music that I listen to. And the bass, (OMG!!!) was so much better than the TBI Pros—and the Pro i6s had one huge 10mm driver and two 6mm drivers. In spite of this, there just simply was no comparison; the bass on the DT800s was tight but not overwhelming. Could they use maybe just a little bit more bass, sure but they don't really sound like they are lacking; it's just because the mids and highs are so clear that you don't notice that they still have plenty of bass. They are a very well-balanced sounding earbud—I just really love them!!! So much clarity and detail and if I really want to add more bass I can just simply EQ some in with the ROCK EQ setting on my iPod—but I don't even think I'll do this because they sound so great as-is! Thank you UiiSii for making these really great sounding and very stylish looking earbuds—I am a first time customer and I bought 3 of these on Amazon.

          Excellent store highly recommended.

          Headphones are great! I hope to buy again in this shop!


          Exceeded all my expectations! A wealth of beautifully presented gifts. I am a teacher who teaches piano. The requirements for sound quality are still relatively high. The earliest try this earphone, the sound is bigger than before, and the analysis of high school bass is not bad.

          Recommend Uiisii!

          Product received as fast shipping! Thank you very much! Let me say that wearing the feeling, the earphone itself is moderate in weight, there is no top-heavy feeling, the white earphone is very nice to look at, it is very comfortable after wearing it, there will be no falling off, and the replacement earplugs are also very intimate. In terms of sound effects, the low-frequency and heavy feelings are full, the dive is deep, the vocals are slightly insufficient, the high-frequency is clear and soft, not so harsh, it is quite good, and it is worth the money.