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      The UiiSii HM9 aluminum earbuds with Dynamic drivers of 10mm are guaranteed to exceed your expectations! They are the cheapest earpieces from UiiSii, yet they are of premium quality, both in terms of sound, comfort and build quality.



      • 【DYNAMIC DRIVERS OF 10MM】Dynamic drivers of 10 mm produce deep bass, perfectly balanced midtones, and pure treble. The drivers also ensure that the sound is not distorted even at high volumes. You hardly hear anything from outside (and therefore only the music, as it is meant to be), and the outside world hardly hears that you are listening to music.
      • 【BUILT-IN MICROPHONE】 In addition to listening to music, the UiiSii HM9 is also great for calling. Simply connect the earphones with your smartphone and you will receive incoming calls on the earphones. With the multifunction button, you can easily pick up and answer the incoming call.
      • BEAUTIFUL AND LIGHT ALUMINUM DESIGNThe acoustic chamber of the ears are made of aluminum. This ensures a lightweight and therefore pleasant wearing comfort, improved durability, and they are also pleasing to the eye. The acoustic rooms have also been given a special structure to produce a better and fuller sound.
      • DEVELOPED WITH AN EYE ON SUSTAINABILITYTPE cables are flexible and ensure long durability, even after frequent use over the years. and also in the TPE cable that is flexible and yet resistant to years of intensive use. The microphone is from Knowles, and the ceramic antenna is from Mitsubishi.
      • 100% COMPATIBILITY】Compatible with all 3.5mm audio cable jack, HM9 can use in most portable broadcast equipment, such as smart cellphone, iPad, laptop, MP3 or professional audio player, etc.
      • ERGONOMIC - FITS IN EVERY EARThe Silicone material feels soft and supple, but is still strong enough to stay in your ears. The earbuds come in 3 different sizes: this way they really fit in all possible ears, and they still feel good after many hours of wearing.

      Product Details

      • Brand & Model: UIISII HM9
      • Type: Wired In-ear Hi-Fi Earphone
      • Impedance: 16Ω
      • Sensitivity:102±3dB
      • Frequency range: 20-20000HZ
      • Plug Pin: 3.5mm Line Plug
      • Speaker size: 0.33Ft/0.39in
      • Cable length: 120CM/3.93Ft
      • Line Control: Support Line Control for Mobile Phones

      Package Contents

      1 x Earphones

      1 x English Manual

      3 x Set Silicone Earbuds (S, M, L size)





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