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      Dynamic drivers x 4 +Balanced Armaturer drivers x 4 surely packs a punch, A dynamic driver is like a mini speaker, armatures are like mini tweeters. The bass is full, the mids are articulate, the highs are sparkling, and the soundstage is extremely realistic and wide. You will love the way of music by UiiSii BN90 .


      Built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery, allowing more than 18 hours play/talk and 450 hours standby time by a single 1.5 hours charge, giving you the power and motivation needed to fuel over a week of workouts.


      Compared with common single-driver earphones on the market, UiiSii BN90 is designed with quad-dynamic drivers (2 balance armature drivers + 2 dynamic drivers for each side) to perfectly reproduce deep bass and crystal crisp treble. This unique design extend the frequency range of sound up to four times and restore the original sound to a most extent.


      Never worry about damaging your earphones during an intense workout in the gym or on a trail. IPX5 sweat resistant design allows you to remain focused on your music or calls and not external sources like dirt or sweat.


      Never worry about damaging your earphones during an intense workout in the gym or on a trail. IPX5 sweat resistant design allows you to remain focused on your music or calls and not external sources like dirt or sweat.


      By adopting Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 QCC3003 Chip, UiiSii BN90 offers quicker pairing, stabler connection, better sound transmission and lower energy consumption. The transmission range extends up to 50 feet, your audio will never cut in and out.


      Advanced in-line control with high sensitive MEMS microphone whose performance is equivalent to that of recording studio. Multifunctional key and volume control ensure a easy operation(Play/Pause, Previous/Next song, Adjust volume), no need to take out your device in crowded environment.


      With three fresh shades available, choose the color that matches your style: passionate red, pure white, mysterious black.


      With three fresh shades available, choose the color that matches your style: passionate red, pure white, mysterious black.



      1 x Pair of Headphone
      1 x User Guide
      1 x Carrying Case
      1 x USB Charging Cable
      5 x Pair of Different Size Extra Earplugs





      BN60 Lite

      Drivers 6mm Dual Dynamic Drive& Dual BA Drivers 6mm Dual Dynamic Drives 6mm Dual Dynamic Drives
      Playtime Per Full Charge 18+ hours 15+ hours 15+ hours
      Standby Time Full Charge 
      About 480 Hours About 480 Hours About 480 Hours
      Microphone MEMS MEMS MEMS
      Bluetooth Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0
      Waterproof Rating IPX5 IPX5 IPX5
      Price (USD) 59.99 44.99 29.99

      BN90 Video

      Audio Details
      • Speaker: 6mm Dual Dynamic Driver&Dual BA Drivers, 20Hz-20kHz, 32Ω ± 15%
      • Output: 110±3db
      • Microphone: MEMS, - 41dB±3dB
      Battery Details
      • Battery Life: About 18 Hour
      • Battery Capacity: Li-Poly Battery 3.7V/250mAh
      • Earbud Charge Time: 2.5 Hours
      • Standby Time: About 480 Hours
      Bluetooth Details
      • Version: Bluetooth5.0
      • Bluetooth Chip: QCC3003
      • Transmission Range: About 32.8ft.

      General Details

      • Neck Line Length: 0.98ft
      • IP Rating: IPX5
      • Warranty: 1-year warranty





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      Shipping Plolicy:

      What Shipping Methods Do You Provide?

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          Returns Policy:

          For products purchased directly on www.uiisii.com, we offer a 30-day return guarantee to ensure your happiness. The 30 day period begins upon the purchase date of your order. Please Click Here go to our help center submit return request and reason.

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          Items bought from authorized retailers cannot be returned to us.

          Warranty Policy

          Uiisii One Year Limited Warranty

          Uiisii electronic.,co Ltd (“Company”) hereby warrants that, under normal use, this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year starting with the original retail purchase date. The replacement warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase issued to the purchaser, specifying the date of purchase, is presented with the product to be replaced.

          What will be done in the event of a warranty claim?

          Uiisii does not honor any warranty claims that are not accompanied by the original documentation. To get the product repaired or replaced under this limited warranty, you must first contact us and include the following: Click here go to uiisii help center and submit a valid claim request under the Warranty, including:

          A short description of the defect/malfunction
          The proof of purchase (your order number or order screenshot.)
          Your name, address, e-mail, and phone number

          Once your warranty claim is reviewed by uiisii we depending on the individual circumstances, provide Warranty service through one or more of the following options:
          (a) repair your product using new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability.
          (b) replace your product with a product that is at least functionally equivalent to the product and is formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability.
          (c) refund your purchase price in exchange for the return of your Product.

          The Uiisii Warranty does not cover:

          This warranty is not covering all the Accessories, Spare Parts, Replacement Parts items. They are wear and tear items, and damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or aging.

          Didn't Purchase directly from uiisii official store(www.uiisii.com) but other third-party sellers.

          Defects and damages due to dropping, mechanical damage, dirt, cerumen, damp, moisture, chemical products, abnormal impact damage, loss, theft, fire or force majeure.

          Esthetical changes, defects, and damages due to normal wear and tear, or aging.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 36 reviews
          Winston P.

          The product was received and packed intact. The Bluetooth connection was quick and easy, and 2 earbuds were tested. The sound is clear even if there is no burnt in it. Choose the earplugs that suit you, and wear it to run without falling off. I am very satisfied with it.

          Great sound en fit

          I'm using it for a couple of months, also during jogging. They stay in place during jogging, which is very important.
          Negative points: The voice-over is too loud for my ears and I don't like it that there's a light when turned on.

          Sports headphones you need

          I want Bluetooth headphones with a good configuration, and the customer service recommended it to me. I bought it with a mentality of trying it out. The product is beautifully packaged, the sound quality is great, which is suitable for my running. I really like its design. Uiisii sending many accessories and earphone storage bags, which are very practical. Thanks for the service.

          These headphones are growing on me

          A couple of days back I've posted a bit more a critic review and I do think there are some improvements to made there. In terms of sound I was first a little more critical, but I've noticed changing ear tips made a huge difference.The highs are crisp and there's a sparkle to it, the bass has a nice thump and the mids sound good as well. The sound is very balanced and the soundstage is amazing. The soundstage is better with these then the 1More quad in ears that I have.

          Something that bugged me a little bit is the white noise that is quite present with these headphones. A bit like old noise cancelling headphones from Bose, except these are not noise canceling. One tip to reduce this white noise in Windows is to go to sound settings and the enhancements tab and then check Disable all enhancements. This actually helps reducing the white noise.

          There are still improvements that can be made (described in my other review), but overall I'm quite happy with these headphones. I keep getting back to them because of the sound quality. I feel like these headphones deserved another longer term review.

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