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      Affiliate Program

      You can save and make money with Uiisii Corporation — it's easy

      Our program is free to join, easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge. We will give you a special link to our website that you can share on your website, blog or social media. People buy products for Uiisii through your link, you earn 30% of every payment they make.


      An Affiliate Program benefits both of us. You make money referring customers to, and when that customer buys something from us, you earn up to 30% commissions for every order.


      We take care of all the details — the transactions, processing and customer service. We make the reporting available to you online so you can always know how much you are earning.


      We track all sales through a neutral third party, Commission Junction, and commission checks are sent monthly.











      AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3Y

      You Get Paid Monthly

      AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

      Apply to our program through the application link. You'll receive an email confirmation through the Refersion Network if the application is approved.

      Write your blog, make an unboxing video, post of Facebook or Instagram, or send emails to friends and contacts with your affiliate link and start seeing money pouring on autopilot.

      Visitors access uiisii products through links and banners placed on your site. Customers are tagged with a cookie to signify referral from your site. When orders are placed within 30-days of the referral, your account is credited for a 30% commission.

      What Does All This Cost?

      There is no charge to participate in the Uiisii Corporation Affiliate Program. And no minimum sales requirement. Simply apply today.

      Apply Now!

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      Uiisii CM5 earbuds reviews

      Tech Boss

      UiiSii BT-CM5 sports wireless headphones use the popular element of the starry sky, adding a lot of fashion sense. 

      Trainer image

      Uiisii TWS60 earbuds reviews


      Without wires to get tangled and a compact charging case to top up your battery wherever you go, Uiisii tws60 is the key to a world of pure musical freedom.

      Trainer image

      Uiisii BN90 reviews


      Having FOUR drivers is equivalent to having FOUR speakers in each ear exclusively dedicated to silky highs, detailed mids, and deep bass. 

      Trainer image

      UiiSii T8s - review


      UiiSii T8S Hi-Res Audio ears have two separate High-Quality Dynamic drivers of 6mm large and dedicated Balanced Armature drivers.