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UiiSii hand in hand with”Voice of China”,to create best music show

On Sep. 21st, UiiSii teamed up with Zhejiang TV “Voice of China" in live broadcast all over the country

Congratulation! "Voice of China" has been launched on Zhejiang TV program again this year. From July 13th 2018 , It causes the hot discussion during domestic and all over the world. At present, a majority of competition process have been over and the champion candidates are entering into a battle phrase. In addition to the wonderful PK competition, the " Famous Star Product " DT800 will share a pleasant music time with everyone. On Sep. 21st, UiiSii teamed up with Zhejiang TV “Voice of China" in live broadcast all over the country. During that time, 8 drivers hybrid earphone (UiiSii DT800) will perform 4D stereo effect, bringing 4 times of the music power. This marks that UiiSii brand always be fashionable leader in earphone industry, and appeared on the screen of "Voice of China"in the form of live interaction.

Powerful association between UiiSii and "Voice of China"

Powerful association between UiiSii and "Voice of China" will present an immersive audition feast. As the flagship earphone DT800 launched by UiiSii, it upgrades completely audience listening experience, adopted Hi-Fi class dual dynamic drivers + dual balanced armature drivers, bringing deep bass and clear high-frequency, to reproduce true music with team members of "Voice of China" . Through the live broadcast platform of "Voice of China", you will be shocked deeply by the magnificent sound performance of multiple drivers earphone.

UiiSii,the professional multiple drivers earphone brand,leading earphone industry

Just as the program of "Voice of China" , UiiSii always conforms strict sound quality standards, focusing on research and design of multiple drivers earphones, with the advertising slogan "multiple drivers, multiple sound effect", providing high quality earphones for music lovers. UiiSii earphones range from Dual dynamic drivers, Dual Hybrid Earphones(1 dynamic+ 1BA earphone), Triple Drivers Eaphones( 2 dynamic drivers + 1BA or 1 dynamic drivers + 2BA),Quad Drivers Earphones( 2 dynamic drivers + 2BA), bringing constant surprise to audiophiles. DT800, BA-T9, BA-T8, BA-T7, BA-T6 and other multiple drivers earphones of UiiSii brand are deeply pursued by young people.

Cheer for Champion , Special Promotion From UiiSii

In order to promote brand rejuvenation and integrate into young consumers more widely and deeply, UiiSii brand not only interacts with the viewers in front of screen of TV programs, but also prepare special gift for UiiSii fans--Buy 1“UiiSii Star Product”and get one free. From September 1st - 28th, buy DT800 from UiiSii flagship shop in T-mall or Jingdong, consumers can participate in "Voice of China" championship activity. If Nicholas Tse(谢霆锋) Team wins , you will get 1 pcs of DT800 for free. Let’s cheer for champion!