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      TWS808 Dual Driver Airpods

      Touch it, listen to it, speak to it

      Superb Sound

      Two 6mm dynamic ear earbud driver delivers rich, high-fidelity audio.

      Stable Connection

      The integrated Bluetooth 5.0 chipset brings more fast and efficient transmission than ever.

      Clear Calling 

      Equipped with MEMS noise reduction microphone to eliminate environmental noise

      Charging Fast

      Around 1 hour of listening time on only 5 minutes of charging

      Never Fall Out

      Comes with uiisii custom shark fin eartips ensure your earphones don’t get dislodged during workouts.

      IPX5 Waterproof

      Truly sweat proof technology specially designed to resist the corrosive properties of sweat.


      BT800 lite sports headphones stream pure, powerful, rich audio modulated by the specialist to impress your ears during workout. Fast and stable Bluetooth connection, enabling the music Tour consistent and long-lasting.

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      Hi-Res(High resolution audio) certified by SONY with high standard of JAS and CEA. Frequency range up to 40k Hz compared to 20kHz of common ones. With Industry-leading technology for well-balanced sound, UiiSii DT800 restores the original sound details to a most extent.


      Experience a concert hall in your ears with extraordinary highs and deep, rich lows thanks to the best in audio engineering.

      product image
      product image


      Bluetooth 5.0 What can Bluetooth 5.0 offer us? Compared to Bluetooth 4.2, it is 4 times more stable, so listening to music is not limited by moving or exercising, etc. The data transmission speed is even 3 times faster and achieves even richer sound details.


      Featuring IPX5 waterproofing, so you can keep on working out in any weather. Manage your cable more effectively.


      With a precise sonic delivery and stable fit, you can fully express yourself with critical accuracy. Lightweight and ergonomic, perfectly fit your ear and not easy to fall off. Customizable accessories with large, medium and small size of gel earplugs.


      Magnetic design helps sport earphones fixed around your neck for convenient storage when not using. Switching music and changing volume is available by in-line control.

      product image
      product image


      Conversation flows freely with easy, hands-free calling. The in-line remote control lets you manage everything at fingertip—volume, music and calls.


      Core Specs

      Speaker size: 6mm Dynamic Drive
      Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
      Microphone: MEMS, - 41dB±3dB
      Battery Life: About 12+ Hours
      Input Power: 135mAh/3.7V
      Battery Life: About 8 Hours
      Earphone Charge Time: 1.5 Hours
      Support Protocols: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP

      What is in the Box

      1 x Pair of Headphone
      1 x User Guide
      1 x Carrying Case
      1 x USB Charging Cable
      5 x Pair of Different Size Extra Earplugs
      1x Multi-language Manual

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      Store Manager

      These are awesome and amazing wireless ear buds. They feel very comfortable and are quite small so they nearly fit inside my ear with very little showing. They fit so well that I can run or exercise without them loosening up or falling out. The sound is phenomenal with deep rich bass and excellent mid/high mix. I love the 1-button multi-touch control which allows you to do everything from either earbud.

       customer image

      Lewis Todd


      These buds are without a doubt bass-boosted. Whatever technology they are using for their acoustics, I like it. There is a pronounced deep, punchy bass that is boosted above other harmonies. If you listen to hip-hop or rap where bass is a major component of a song, you will love these as it's strong enough for the soundstage to feel 3D. The other ranges are great too, but not as dominant. Mids and highs are crystal clear, just not boosted (as it would take away from the bass).

       customer image

      Maria Holmes


      These earbuds were my first purchase of totally wireless earbuds. I can't afford the higher-priced Bose or Beats so I thought these were a happy medium. So far, I have not had any trouble and they sound fantastic! They were easy to pair with my iPhone and seem to hold a charge for several hours. They are also very tiny. I was worried that they would look big & bulky, but the don't. They fit comfortably in your ear and the rubber inserts can be swapped for 3 different sizes to make the best fit.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Best headphones for a runner

      Definitely the best Bluetooth headphones I’ve found at this price point. No, they aren’t the most fantastic sound quality in the world but you’re paying $35 for BT headphones; what did you expect? I’ve only had them for a few weeks but I’ve been on a number of sweaty runs and a few rainy ones too, and they haven’t had any issues with getting wet. Overall I’m very satisfied.

      Functional, sound quality is OK

      I can hear static noise in the background when no music is playing and the sound quality is definitely not the best (you get what you pay for though probably). The noise cancellation is pretty decent, and the magnetic buds are excellent. I wish that the earbuds were a little smaller though, because it hurts my ears if I leave them in for too long because they are too large.

      +260977850215 Nyuma Ngosa
      BT800 Lite Hi-Fi Stereo Sports Headphones

      The headphone are perfect with great sound quality.

      I would with no doubt recommend these headphones to my colleagues too.

      Keep up the good work...

      Patti W.
      Not bad

      Impeccable. Good quality in relation to the price. They listen very well and look good. Recommended.

      Great price, great product

      I love that these are comfortable to wear and work from a fairly far range. They never have problems connecting or disconnecting unexpectantly.