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      TWS808 Dual Driver Airpods

      Touch it, listen to it, speak to it

      Superb Sound

      The quality 6mm dynamic driver delivers rich, high-fidelity audio.

      Stable Connection

      The integrated Bluetooth 5.0 chipset brings more fast and efficient transmission than ever.

      Calling Without Noise 

      Equipped with MEMS noise reduction microphone to eliminate environmental noise

      Charging Fast

      Around 1 hr of listening time on only 5 minutes of charging

      Never Fall Out

      Comfortable fit for all kinds of ears. Comes with three size earpieces. Choose the ones that fit best in your ears for better listening experience

      Voice Assistants 

      Wake up Siri® and Google Assistant™ with just simple touch

      Touch Control

      A responsive, touch-sensitive panel on each earbud allows easy music control and calls management.

      Use One Earbud

      Each earbud can be used alone as a Bluetooth headset. Noice choise for hand-free calling while driving.

      Charging on the go

      Compact yet sturdy charging case keeps your earbuds safe and secure. 


      Get the most out of every workout with the truly wireless UiiSii TWS5.0, which combines cutting-edge technology with the finest craftsmanship. To deliver music with true emotional impact that takes your breath away.

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      Professional waterproof silicone cover and internal Nano-coating provide double protection and prevent damages from sweat, drizzling rain or accidental splash during intense exercises, perfect for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, cycling, exercises, gym, fitness, camping and travelling, etc.


      Powered by professional "Realtek" chipset and next-generation BT 5. 0 technology, which means the most stable signal connection, better sound quality and lower power consumption. User-friendly on-ear touch control at your fingertips, support play/pause, switching tracks and handling phone calls. Quick pairing out of the box. Compatible with a variety of phone models and a variety of apps.

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      A better wireless experience starts with what you hear. UiiSii TWS60 earbuds offers a truly natural, authentic sound and powerful bass performance. The innovative acoustic design and vibrating diaphragm technology deliver immersive sound and put you on the stage center.


      A better wireless experience starts with what you hear. UiiSii TWS60 earbuds offers a truly natural, authentic sound and powerful bass performance. The innovative acoustic design and vibrating diaphragm technology deliver immersive sound and put you on the stage center.

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      To reduce the environment noise and improve audio quality for calling, UiiSii TWS60 wireless earbuds has adjusted the microphone to ensure a clear and smooth hands-free communication. The product comes with S / M / L Size earplugs, you can choose the most suitable one to perfectly fit your ears and block ambient noise.


      Fully charged, the headphones give you up to 4-5 hours of music playback. While the compact charging case not only keep your headphones secure, but holds a further five full charges letting you power up on the go. That's up to 20 hours of music playback—that’s an incredible 500 songs, so you can keep listening all day.

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      Core Specs

      Speaker size: 6mm
      Frequency response: 20-40KHz
      Sensitivity: 108±3dB
      Impedance: 16 Ω
      Audio codecs: SBC AAC
      Compatible with: Computer, iPhone, iPod, Mobile phone, MP3, PC, 

      What is in the Box

      1 x TWS60 
      1 x User Guide
      1 x Carrying Case
      2 x Pair of Different Size Extra Earplugs 
      1 x User Manual—Download


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      Store Manager

      These are awesome and amazing wireless ear buds. They feel very comfortable and are quite small so they nearly fit inside my ear with very little showing. They fit so well that I can run or exercise without them loosening up or falling out. The sound is phenomenal with deep rich bass and excellent mid/high mix. I love the 1-button multi-touch control which allows you to do everything from either earbud.

       customer image

      Lewis Todd


      These buds are without a doubt bass-boosted. Whatever technology they are using for their acoustics, I like it. There is a pronounced deep, punchy bass that is boosted above other harmonies. If you listen to hip-hop or rap where bass is a major component of a song, you will love these as it's strong enough for the soundstage to feel 3D. The other ranges are great too, but not as dominant. Mids and highs are crystal clear, just not boosted (as it would take away from the bass).

       customer image

      Maria Holmes


      These earbuds were my first purchase of totally wireless earbuds. I can't afford the higher-priced Bose or Beats so I thought these were a happy medium. So far, I have not had any trouble and they sound fantastic! They were easy to pair with my iPhone and seem to hold a charge for several hours. They are also very tiny. I was worried that they would look big & bulky, but the don't. They fit comfortably in your ear and the rubber inserts can be swapped for 3 different sizes to make the best fit.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      Earbuds just OK

      Cool headphones, good sound in general, good bass. In the ear sit well, but with unaccustomed slightly rubbing. If you smile widely to the ears, then fall out: dEach earpiece is defined as a separate device if you use one at a time.

      Earbuds just OK

      These earbuds are amazing I use them atleast 5 hours a day and the charging case stays charged for 1 to 2 weeks they sound great but are a bit bulky overall I love these earbuds

      Great pair of wireless earbuds!

      Perfect Quality, Great design! For this price range, I must say, I am more than satisfied with the performance and build quality. Connectivity is easy and stable. Bass is deep and balanced.

      Great product at a great price!

      I was going on a trip and needed something quick at a decent price. Product arrived quickly. It appeared to already have a decent charge but I let it charge while I was at work. Instructions were very easy to follow and pairing was almost automatic. Volume was very impressive for an earbud!! I was able to enjoy the music despite sitting next to the jet engine. I used the earbuds for approximately 4 total hours and placed the ear buds back into the case and the power level was at approximately 50% level. This is taking into account low to medium volume. Very good battery in my honest opinion especially for the price. It comes with 2 additional size earphone covers (silicone/rubber). The earbuds were very comfortable. Over ear headphones over time give me a headache because of the pressure on my glasses. These were exactly what I needed....and for the price, it was well worth it!

      Best set for under $40

      This is my first time testing out truly wireless headphones. The sound quality is good for the price. Voices are crisp and clear. Bass is below average. Volume does not get that loud even at the highest level on my phone. There is zero noise cancelling so you can hear everything around you if needed. I was worried about it fitting comfortably in my ear because most earbuds get annoying. These were actually very comfortable and stayed put without having to readjust. Overall good but bass is important to me so I'll be returning.